This week, temperatures have surprisingly risen to high 70s and low 80s. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside and students can be seen flocking to the beach, laying out on Gleeson Plaza, and tanning on roof tops. It’s a sign that summer is on it’s way. However, the warm weather makes it much more difficult to study for classes, especially when finals are creeping up. There is only about one week left of classes until finals begin and students SHOULD begin studying soon. The LWC can help you begin studying by providing extra tutoring hours through an event called Tutorpalooza. This semester, tutorpalooza will be on Friday 5/9 from 12-4pm at Cowell 417 & 418. All tutors for the subjects we provide will be available and any student can come by and get tutored for as long as they want during these hours. This is a great opportunity for last minute clarifications and study tips! Pace yourself Dons! Make sure to rest and eat well. End the semester with a bang!


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Exciting News from the LWC

Hope everyone had a great spring break! Here’s a quick update of all the new and exciting changes that have been happening around the center:

  • The center has a new makeover. If you haven’t seen the new updated look, come on by!


  • The LWC is hosting a GRAND GIVEAWAY! All you have to do is follow and like us on all our social media sites. At the end of the semester, we will include the names of all our new likers and followers into a raffle and will choose the winner of a new apple product. If you like and follow us on all three social media sites, then your name will be included three times. So make sure to follow us and spread the word.
    • Instagram: usflwc
    • Twitter: LdubC
    • Facebook: Learning & Writing Center at USF
  • Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) will now be available for Organic Chemistry.

The Peer-Led-Team-Learning (PLTL) model consists of study groups of six to eight students facilitated by a student (peer) leader….engages undergraduates in methods of group study,…improves students’ problem-solving skills, communication, and provides … active-learning. Groups meet once a week during the semester for a two-hour workshop. The PLTL leader does not help solve the problems with the students …, but guides and encourages them …No answer is given to the students; the students are to learn to decide as a group whether the answer is correct or not. This allows the students to gain more confidence in deciding when a problem is solved correctly, which is essential for performing well on quizzes and exams.

This is a great resource to any student taking this rigorous course. If you have any questions about the program, stop by the LWC at Cowell 215 and we can answer your questions.

That’s all for now. Have a good rest of the semester! Brace yourselves, finals is coming up. But that also means SUMMER.

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New Semester, New Study Strategies!


Hey y’all!

My name is Bella and I am one of the many amazing front desk workers at the LWC! I am a first year International Studies major here at USF and within the past semester I have already begun to change and develop new study strategies specific to the courses I have taken.

Some strategies that have been most helpful for me (and hopefully will be for you too) are:

1. Use short breaks in your schedule to review in-class material (notes taken in last class) and to get a head start on homework (looking over the homework schedule on the syllabus and reading the directions on handouts) to get an idea of how much time you will need to have to work on certain assignments.

2. Chunk long readings into 10-20 page sessions each day before the reading is due so you don’t have to cram a 60 page reading and journal the night before.

3. LISTS! And lot’s of them. Even if you don’t own a planner, keep a journal or reminders/calendars in your phone so you don’t forget about that assignment the teacher decided to announce the last two minutes of class!

4. Print out slideshows before the class! This will save you energy (instead of copying down notes in class) and you will be able to actually LISTEN to the professor’s own analogies and connections to the information given in the slideshow lecture. 

5. Review lecture notes at the end of each week! This will allow you to refresh all the information that was thrown at you the past 5 days and get ready for next week’s material and possible POP QUIZZES!

6. When reviewing notes, make sure to take out a highlighter and highlight main ideas of the lecture and chunk together information into different sections of the subject.

7. Identify the type of studying environment that works for you. Love being around your friends but you can’t finish your homework around them? Try to make time in your day for just friends and just homework. Studying alone isn’t too bad! Especially when you see your grades benefiting from it.

Well, that’s all I have for now! Hope everyone’s semester is off to a good start and that these study strategies will help you at some point in the semester…

If you need any additional help, make sure to stop by our center in Cowell 215 and we can help you find a tutor for your course or set you up with a professor to assist you with your paper!

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Did you know?

Did you know the University of San Francisco offers its students a wide variety of academic services that are FREE! How do i know? Because the Learning and Writing Center is one of those services. Our department offers free tutoring (SI, P.L.T.L., peer tutoring) as well as free writing services (preceptors who thoroughly check your writing). The Learning and Writing Center is offers programs like America Reads, a program where U.S.F. students go out into the SF’s public school to tutor elementary students in a variety of subjects. F.Y.I.T. (Families and Youth In Transition) is another program offered at the L.W.C. which sends U.S.F. students into schools to help those students, who have been or who are homeless, in their academic studies. The Learning and Writing Center is honestly a great place to go for help, or just to relax and do homework in. I recommend stopping by and checking us out in Cowell Hall room 215 (CO 215) . Or you can check us out at our website and get to know the staff and directors of the L.W.C. Either way works just get to know about the L.W.C., you never know, maybe one day you’ll need to use our services. 

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Student Success Workshops for the week of March 18-22, 2013

The following workshops are going to be held this week. If you want to learn more about before and after graduation and about your health head over to any one of these workshops and inform yourself.


Exploring Majors and Careers within Business

Tuesday, March 19 | 11:45 a.m. | McLaren 252

Interested in Business but having trouble deciding what to major in and how it might relate to a career path? Trying to decide between Marketing, Finance and other SOM majors? Come to this workshop to learn more about resources to help you explore your options and figure out the next step on your major/career exploration journey. Open to all majors.

Marijuana: What it Does and Why

Tuesday, March 19 | 6:30 p.m. | Maier Room, Fromm Hall

This presentation explains how marijuana works in the body and brain, and the impact of regular use over time. Without taking a stance on whether you should or shouldn’t use marijuana, this presentation provides all the information you need to make the best choice for you!

Are You Ready To Graduate?: Checklist for Graduation Requirements

Wednesday, March 20 | 5:30 p.m. | McLaren 252

This workshop will review procedures to file for graduation, what to review with your advisor, and how to read a “grad check.” This workshop is open to all, but is essential for students who expect to graduate May 2013.

Burning, Bleeding, Barfing: Health Care 101

Thursday, March 21 | 11:50 a.m. | Harney 127

Learn the basics of how much health insurance plans cost, the benefits, and the limitations.

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Graduating in four years? Sounds easy right?

The life of a university student is certainly not an easy one. Some like to think of it as a test-run to see if they are fit to stand tall in the real world….others see it as an opportunity to get away from their parents and “live life their way.”The reality is this… you have four years to prove to everyone (family, friends..even YOURSELF) that you have what it takes to survive on your own while dealing with the everyday struggles of being an “adult”.  Most if not all colleges require that students should complete at least sixteen credits a semester. Hey…not so bad right?

The first year is definitely smooth sailing. Sure, it may take some readjusting to, no-more home cooked meals or no “personal” wake-up alarms from your lovely Mom or Dad. But guess what? you are living away from home and doing things your way on your own accord. Sounds quite heavenly right?  Consider yourself “undeclared” and take the easiest cores under the sun and spend your Fridays at the beach tanning (If San Francisco is in a good mood to bless us with some!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Fast-forward to Sophomore year, time to get serious! Follow the “recommended classes schedule” provided by your advisor.  No seriously, FOLLOW it.  Keep a track of all the classes you have completed and need to complete in the near future. It is so easy to lose yourself and track in graduating on time. So many students have felt the pressure to try and finish all their classes in time to graduate without really enjoying their classes. If you do not enjoy your classes….do you think you’ll succeed? what is the point then?  Learning can be fun! :)

We at the Learning and the Writing Center are here to keep you on your toes to ensure that you graduate on time! You can come by and meet with our super-friendly coordinators who will guide you through the college process. Gain insightful tips, FREE resources and make meaningful connections with probably the coolest people on campus.

Trust me there are great things in store when you’re handed that diploma! THAT is when life really begins.                              Can’t say I didn’t tell you guys! Looking forward to seeing you kiddos soon!!

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Time to take a step back! Day-light Savings Time!


Day Light Savings Time has officially struck. Hooray? While some are rejoicing that they get an extra hour to sleep in/eat/study or hit the gym (cough cough East-Coasters), us on the West-Coast have lost a luxury! We have lost 3600 seconds/60 minutes/an entire hour. Do you know what could be achieved in one hour? Sigh


To make things worse, researchers at the Loyola University School of Medicine report that there are more workplace injuries the day after we switch those clocks (thank god some of us aren’t working tomorrow !) and individuals who are seriously sleep-deprived get hit the HARDEST. While most people will adjust to the time change in a matter of days, night owls (college students) who habitually grab less than six hours sleep can take up to an entire week to catch up. Yes this is not a joke.

Lucky for you guys…I found some tips to help reset your internal clock:-

  • Set your alarm clocks thirty minutes earlier on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday mornings) you are typically used to getting up
  • *Note to the college drinkers* Try and avoid alcohol on Sunday night because alcohol disrupts sleep patterns
  • EAT breakfast everyday. You will need the energy to be productive and get through the day.


Can’t say I did not tell you guys!

Learning and Writing Center (LWC a.k.a LdubC)


Credit:- Sarah B Weir (Yahoo Blogger),

Loyola University School of Medicine


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